Building Websites

For kids aged 11 to 13
Today, everyone who wants the world to know about them, their business or their passion needs to have a website. Whatever your child decides to become in the future, knowing how to create websites will give them a competitive advantage
From ideas
to development
Universal knowledge
Our students get to know the key instruments (from Tilda to HTML) and the main stages in website creation: plans, design models, development and layout
Skills for the future
Students pass through the full cycle of creative project development they’ll use as adults: from interacting with team members to realization and presentation
A project portfolio
Kids develop at least five full-fledged projects that will form the basis of their web designer and web developer portfolio
A chance
for self-expression
in every project
A project-based
Each student chooses what their site will be about. It could be a movie ratings site, a blog about their favorite hobby, or even their own company page!
Your child
will learn to
Develop stylish designs, build websites in a block editor and publish them online
Write HTML and CSS code, and adapt their website for mobile devices
Be part of a team: they’ll distribute tasks and take responsibility for their job
Independently develop sophisticated websites by applying UX and UI principles
Choose a format
that works for you
  • Length: 32 lessons
  • Studying takes place on weekdays after school or at the weekends
  • A class lasts for 90 minutes with a break in the middle
  • Take classes from anywhere in the world
  • No time spent on travelling
  • Up to 8 kids per group
  • Classes at the Algorithmics school
  • In-person interaction with the teacher and fellow classmates
  • Up to 12 kids per group

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