Graphic Design

For kids aged 9 to 14
Get to know the world of visual communication
Students get to know the world of visual communication, from the basic tools used by graphic designers to the secrets of controlling a user's attention
We provide
new opportunities
to unleash creativity
Start from the beginning
Previous study at an arts school or proven drawing skills are not needed – all our students need is imagination and an interest in being creative
Creating real products
Our students get to apply their knowledge straight away by developing  their own creative projects, which will form the basis of their design portfolios
Accessible tools
All the tools studied on  the course, — are free to use, so your child will be able to continue their design work independently once they graduate
Get to know
 the profession's basics
A project-based
Students are taught to see  design as project work with special attention paid to project tasks:who are we making this for?What do we want from the user? How can we make our design work not тonly attractive, but also easy to use?
Your child
will learn to
Use their knowledge of composition, о color, light and  rhythm in practice
Create raster, 3D, and vector graphics, put together collages, process photos and draw people
Solve real challenges faced by graphic designers: from the layout of books to designing visual identities
Develop a stylish design based on UX and UI principles
a format that works for you
  • Length: 20-32 lessons
  • Studying takes place on weekdays after school or at the weekends
  • A class lasts for 90 minutes with a break in the middle
  • Take classes from anywhere in the world
  • No time spent on travelling
  • Up to 6 kids per group
  • Classes at the Algorithmics school
  • In-person interaction with the teacher and fellow classmates
  • Up to 12 kids per group

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